Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus-Christian Amann
Technical University of Munich
Walter Schottky Institutie

Prof. Dr. Constance Chang-Hasnain
University of California, Berkeley
EECS - Electrical Engineering and Computer Scienceogy

Innovative Sub-Wavelength High-Contrast Gratings for Long-Wavelength Lasers

The research groups of Prof. M.-C. Amann (Walter Schottky Institut, TUM) and Prof. C. Chang-Hasnain (University of California, Berkeley) established a cooperation to develop and fabricate long-wavelength mid-infrared Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) with sub-wavelength gratings. Due to their high and polarization-dependent reflectivity, the sub-wavelength gratings promise to be the ultimate thin mirrors for polarization-stable single-mode VCSELs and could replace the thick dielectric DBRs, currently used in the devices. The initial device shall be co-designed by both groups. The novel VCSELs designed for wavelengths above 2 µm will then be fabricated in Munich. Afterwards, the sub-wavelength gratings will be fabricated and integrated in the VCSEL in Berkley. Furthermore, the grating is expected to improve heat dissipation of the device due to smaller thickness compared to conventional DBRs.


Primary project: Novel Sub-Wavelength Grating High-Speed Data-Com-Lasers (VCSELs)


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