Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Ulf Peschel
of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Institute of Optics, Information and Photonics

Prof. Dr. Harry A. Atwater
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (CALTECH)
Engineering & Appl. Science Division

Active and advanced functionalities in ultracompact plasmonic nanocircuits

Plasmonics enables the miniaturization of photonic components to size scales below the Abbe diffraction limit. In the initial project, our groups at the FAU Erlangen and at Caltech have jointly developed plasmonic nanocircuits for the unprecedentedly compact guiding of light and connected optical antennas for efficient probing with a highly focused laser beam (Kriesch et al. Nano Lett. 2013). In the extended project we now investigate additional functionalities and physical phenomena in those circuits.

Based on our first demonstration of a subwavelength electro-plasmonic modulator (PlasMOStor, Lee et al. Nano Lett. 2014) we now implement the investigated transparent conductive oxide to other functional nanocircuit units whose properties can be tuned by external charge-carrier injection. We investigate negative refraction within the framework of the developed nanocircuits, including a two-dimensional realization of super-resolution imaging and we work on wavelength-scale nanocircuits with multiple antenna-ports that can act as resonant guided wave networks (RWGN), a form of versatile wavelength-filter-units by design of resonant, interconnected cavities.


Primary project: Silicon compatible plasmonic nanocircuitry with embedded subwavelength waveguides


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