Subsequent projects

Prof. Dr. Peter Gmeiner
of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Brian Kobilka
Stanford University
Molecular and Cellular Physiology and Medicine

Structural and functional properties of G protein coupled receptors

Monoaminergic receptors including a number of adrenergic and dopaminergic subtypes are known as target proteins for CNS- and cardiovascular-active drugs and serve as model systems for understanding the structure, cell biology, and physiology of GPCR-ligand complexes. Brian Koblika’s lab at Stanford has developed biophysical methodology to monitor the structure and ligand-induced conformational changes of GPCRs. Peter Gmeiner’s group in Erlangen has substantial experience in the design and organic synthesis of novel, highly specific GPCR agonists and antagonists. The collaborative investigations resulted in a crystal structure of the first agonist-bound GPCR. Using crystallography as a tool to develop medicinal chemistry of a given GPCR, collaboration between the Bavarian and the Californian research group will lead to novel insights into structure activity relationships that will be transferred to related receptor ligand systems.


Primary project: Functional properties of G protein coupled receptors


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